The Resurgence in Rubber Flooring

Rubber products are on the upswing because of their ‘green’ credentials and long term value.  Below is an article that explains the recent rise in popularity of products such as Roppe rubber flooring: Click here for more details – Why the Resurgence in Rubber Flooring? Also with noting is the growing trend toward white rubber  flooring.

DalNaturel – prior 2015 supply only

DalNaturel is an environmentally friendly alternative.  At the moment (2020) – the new plant has not resumed  production of this material and is unlikely to this year.  Manufactured in France, these natural rubber tiles were available in an extensive range of colours, making it one of our most popular products. DalNaturel contains over 90% natural

Sustainable House Day

Dalsouple was installed in a 100 year old house in North Fitzroy during recent renovations of the house. The owners wanted to be as sustainable as possible and chose Dalsouple natural rubber tiles due to their renewable aspects and low VOC’s. Product: DalTerrazzo, Noir (black) background, Vert Pomme (apple green) and white terrazzo pattern.