Flexco's Cross-wire® Woven vinyl
Flexco’s Cross-wire® Woven vinyl carpet colour rangehttp://www.irubber.com.au

With its 20 year warranty, this new US range will be making a welcome appearance to Australian projects. Typically found in areas normally covered in wood or concrete, the American made Cross-wire® is an ideal product to consider for these venues. Flexco’s Cross-wire® woven vinyl tile is a direct competitor to the Swedish made Bolon range. From the United States and with shorter lead times and costs- it should be the right product for the right time- right now. Just what is need for customers on a tight budget that needs a long-lasting product. The 3mm gauge and 250mm x 1000mm size makes for an easy fit. At only about 20kg per carton of 4m2, less labour is needed to handle the product of course:) In many situations – given its colour range and thickness it can easily be married up to other materials be it Roppe Envire rubber sheet and floor as well as Dalsouple rubber in a more radical and colourful location. Acoustically, Flexco’s Cross-wire® performs well and with its waterproof and stain resistant surfaces it has the right stuff to cater for both foot and wheeled traffic- especially along corridors. You can let your imagination run wild in selecting different ways to lay the vinyl carpet “plank” and even alternate colours. There is no real minimum but for economic purpose the best way for large project is to opt for a pallet that can hold 68 cartons or about 272m2. Do the maths and you’ll work out that on average the freight component from shipping all the way from the United States to any port in Australia is only about AUD$10.00/m2 – and this is for LCL (less than a container load). A 20ft FCL (full container load) can take about 8 pallets or 2,176m2 will bring it down to only half the cost. Makes sense then to scope up and save!

Typical locations suited to Flexco’s Cross-wire® woven vinyl carpet

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