The technical specifications of Roppe rubber flooring are:

•    30 Standard colours available in the textures as listed in the bottom photo.

•    Weave rubber tile features a beveled 0.025″ profile that creates a wonderful basket-weave design.

•    Radial® rubber tile features raised 1″ diameter disks in two profiles: a 0.035″ high profile for areas needing extra traction, such as elevators and ramps, and a 0.020″ low profile.

•    Radial® II rubber tile has 1-1/4″ diameter disks with a beveled 0.020″ low profile.

•    Radial® III rubber tile has a unique 0.020″ beveled low profile with raised 1-1/2″ diameter disks that are offset with stylized diamond shapes.

 •    Square2 rubber tile has a raised 1-1/4″ texture with a beveled 0.025″
profile thatmakes it a popular choice.

 •    Hammered rubber tile features a flat surface with an orange-peel finish to provide safe footing in high traffic areas.

 •    May be specially ordered as IMO/Coast Guard certified.

Roppe Flooring

Besides test, installation, there are extra 3-part of 10-part specs for various products.