School Flooring

With hundreds of children attending your school every day throughout the week, it’s important to have durable flooring that can withstand the impact of all those little feet.

One popular and versatile option is rubber flooring. Already used in many schools across Australia, rubber school flooring provides a softer surface than concrete and lasts longer than many other materials such as tiles and linoleum. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, rubber flooring is a cost-effective choice that will pay for itself over the years, while also providing a comfortable flooring surface for children to walk and play.

Why You Should Consider Roppe Rubber Flooring for Schools

Rubber flooring is a leading choice for commercial and educational spaces due to the material’s ease of maintenance and high resistance to foot traffic, among other benefits.

Of the different types of rubber flooring available in Toronto, special mention should be made of Roppe in particular.

Roppe-brand rubber flooring is an affordable, effective solution for schools seeking safe, stylish, and durable options to support teachers and students alike.

Top Reasons to Use Roppe Rubber Flooring in Schools

The Benefits of Rubber School Flooring

This product has a multitude of benefits when installed in a school, including the following:

  • It can be installed within play areas such as playgrounds, where a shock absorbent material such as rubber can reduce injuries sustained from falls.
  • It’s a long lasting material, making it more cost-effective than many other options. It is also very durable and can stand up to daily wear and tear.
  • It offers a soft surface that’s easy to walk on.
  • It’s extremely easy to keep clean.
  • Its shock absorbent properties will reduce instances of breakages when items are dropped by kids or teachers.

Providers of Quality Rubber Flooring

iRubber are the rubber flooring experts, providing a wide range of product varieties. With natural, synthetic and recycled options available in a multitude of colours, we provide ultimate versatility to our customers, giving them access to the best products in Australia. The brands we source include Burke, Roppe, and Dalsouple – all trusted names in the industry. We supply products for any application, including commercial, industrial and domestic, making us the best choice for school flooring. Contact us today to learn more about our range or to arrange for a quote.