What is Litracon?

Litracon is a specially formulated type of concrete that’s made with 4% glass optical fibres, allowing shadows, colours and light to be seen through it. These glass optical fibres let light pass through the concrete no matter how thick or thin it is. The pattern that results from this is random, allowing for amazing effects with coloured lights. 

The product has many applications – it can be used as a structural component within a building, as an architectural feature, or even in landscaping. Three colours are currently available: white, grey and black. While this is an expensive product that might not be used all the time, its rarity and innovation make it a worthwhile expense, similar to that of a diamond ring or Ferrari.

Litracon can be produced in both prefabricated building blocks and panels. The small glass optical fibres blend into the concrete, becoming a component of the material like small pieces of aggregate.

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Litracon – Light Transmissive concrete

Despite it not being a type of flooring, Litracon is a product that iRubber fell in love with a couple of years ago, prompting us to start importing it from Hungary into Australia. We are the sole distributors of this innovative product within the country, and have already supplied it to a number of projects across Australia.

Click here to view – the Australian website for Litracon.

How It Works

The glass optic fibres mix well with the concrete because of their insignificant size, becoming a structural component. While the surface of the blocks remains homogeneous concrete, the glass fibres will allow light to pass through. In theory, a wall structure built from light-transmitting concrete can be several meters thick, because the fibres work without almost any loss in light up until 20 meters. Load-bearing structures can also be built from these blocks, since glass fibres do not have a negative effect on the high-compressive strength value of concrete.

Award Winning Innovation

Litracon won the 2006 Leaf Award for the Best Use of Innovative Technology and Thoughtful Design in a Small Scheme. Click here to view photos on Facebook of a wall of Litracon in Tokyo with coloured lights behind it, or visit the Litracon Australia home page to learn more about this innovative product.

Litracon pXL

In Litracon pXL®, there are no optical fibres for light transmission. Instead, a specially formed and patented plastic unit is used. This makes the new pXL® material more affordable. These panels are reinforced, can be storeys-high, and allow for easy installation. The light dots appear with regular distribution on the surface of the pXL® panels, similar to pixels on an LCD screen. It’s easy to create patterns or even coloured logos out of these pixels. With this technology, you can create both plain panels and 3D objects, including folded or curved forms and hollow bodies. Among many others, this option can give ideas to designs such as public statues and illuminated street furniture.

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