Roppe LVT Northern Timber- Guinea Pig Test

No matter how great a product is “supposed” to be – “the proof” as they say- “is in the pudding!” So we decided to rip out our quality wool carpet and replace it with Roppe LVT Northern Timber Vinyl Planks. Thrilled with the overall results! At less than $90/m2 for quality US made product, it

The Future of Flooring

Our sites provide further reference to sustainability of SBR vs Natural rubber tiles. We have found that materials not treated strictly with the manufacturers recommendation may be subject top endemic “yellowing”. Our materials – be it Roppe, Endura, Dalsouple have not suffered from this “effect” as customers are careful to maintain their product. Check out

The Resurgence in Rubber Flooring

Rubber products are on the upswing because of their ‘green’ credentials and long term value.  Below is an article that explains the recent rise in popularity of products such as Roppe rubber flooring: Click here for more details – Why the Resurgence in Rubber Flooring? Also with noting is the growing trend toward white rubber  flooring.

DalNaturel – prior 2015 supply only

DalNaturel is an environmentally friendly alternative.  At the moment (2020) – the new plant has not resumed  production of this material and is unlikely to this year.  Manufactured in France, these natural rubber tiles were available in an extensive range of colours, making it one of our most popular products. DalNaturel contains over 90% natural

Tartan Carpets now added to iRubber’s range

Demand for products arise out of customer needs whilst using our products. Because we offer a full range of rubber products and a myriad of colours, clients also wanted a softer carpet as an option to marry in to the colour of rubber supplied. Trouble is, it had to exude quality and be as unique

ROPPE Envire rubber tile and sheet now tested to Australian standards.

Critical radiance flux testing, (via Roppe’s help), was completed on 05.08.20 by SGS Laboratories, USA. It was completed 12 weeks ahead of what the Australian AWTA offered and Envire CRF results immediately made available. The Envire product is now certified to Australian standards to allow the SBR rubber Envire sheet and tile flooring to be specified

Dalsouple Rubber – piped on board latest RAN Patrol Boat Upgrades

Every Armidale Class Patrol Boat has Dalsouple IMO Grade rubber on board – providing comfortable, anti-slip flooring under the harshest that nature and man can throw at it!

American Biltrite Stair Systems- exclusive to iRubber Pty Ltd

Today, stair treads are more than just a material used to avoid slippage, they have become an integral part of the overall design statement. Recognizing this need, American Biltrite introduces a complete stair tread system that delivers on the promise of colour and design, safety, and durability, as well as ease of maintenance.

Coronavirus and LVT supply

At the moment, Roppe produce LFVT (luxury vinyl tile) in the United States of America- so supply is not a problem. It will be a problem if specifiers are sourcing LVT from China- so be aware of that please. Here is the latest article on “Coronavirus hits the floorcovering industry, China production takes economic hit.”

iRubber receives 2020 Australian Trusted Trader Award

Proud to say that my company iRubber Pty Ltd became a recipient of the 2020 Australian Trusted Trader Award!