Flexco Floors is the sister company to the Roppe rubber flooring corporation in the USA.

iRubber are exclusive agents for Flexco, allowing us to provide a variety of rubber floors that can’t be found at other companies.

The Flexco range includes the following products:

  • ESD Rubber Flooring.
  • Evolving styles, Rollform rubber in marbled colours, able to be heat welded for medical facilities.
  • Repel, Oil and Grease Resistant, ideal for areas with small-wheeled vehicular traffic, such as retail stores, healthcare facilities, airport terminals and more.
  • IMO Certified rubber flooring with Flextones or SpecTones styles.
  • Tuflex Force for sports and commercial facilities.
  • Flexco PVC free rubber stair treads.
  • Wallflowers Premium Wall Base Rubber (rubber skirting).

To learn more about Flexco, please click here.

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