Skirtings, Wall-base and Covings

Sustainable, flexible low-maintenance skirting, coving and wall-base boards

iRubber has multi-channel source supply for sustainable rubber skirtings and wall-base boards -including covings in almost any colour.


Caution – there is no short cut in safety.

Life is worth more than a cheap product.

Absolutely no asbestos, formaldehydes  or PCBs are involved in manufacture of all our US-sourced materials.

Some competitors supply cheap steel-based wall skirting products- notably from China- that may contain asbestos- so be aware of cheap offerings!


Specify our US certified rubber wall-base when
and where-ever possible.

colour palette

*Minimum orders to apply and normally – as an example- coving comes in 36 linear metre increments. They must be bought by the carton.

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Thermoset Rubber base can also be made in these colours!