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A Synopsis of what Roppe has to offer!

The Roppe Corporation is a worldwide leader in the rubber flooring industry, supplying the world with quality flooring solutions. Roppe rubber flooring is available in a huge range of colours, with over 70 to choose from – including white.

Imagine a pristine bathroom featuring white studded rubber – now you can turn that image into a reality!

Roppe Corporation is a member of the US Green Building Council.

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Rubber is a highly durable material that’s PVC free. When compared to other types of flooring, rubber tiles provide an unmatched level of cost-to-life-cycle benefit.

Roppe are one of the largest rubber flooring manufacturers in the USA, supplying the world with a range of options that feature different colours and textures, all made with 10% natural rubber. 

While iRubber do not keep stock of Roppe rubber flooring in Australia, this is due to all orders being made to order.

Roppe can sometimes get stock to Australia in about a week, but usually manufacturing takes about two weeks, plus another week to air freight to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Visit the US Roppe website for more information – but don’t forget to come back to iRubber to order samples! 

Importantly for healthcare facilities research Envire rubber flooring (both tile and sheet form) which carries the latest CRF fire test results to Australian standards. (Conducted by SGS Laboratories, USA)

See more on Roppe Stair Systems – Fostoria, Ohio, USA

Product Catalogue



Roppe – Tuflex Recycled Rubber Tile

Tuflex recycled rubber tiles are available in 20 colours, with each tile measuring 686mm x 686mm x 9.5mm. iRubber began selling Tuflex in New Zealand over 20 years ago. Since then, Tuflex rubber tiles have been installed in numerous golf clubs, wineries, football stadiums, gymnasiums, police stations, prison yards, buses, and changing rooms. Tuflex was

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Tuflex in the 19th at the clubhouse. No need to take off your spikes!


Roppe – Rop-Cord Recycled Rubber Tile

Rop-Cord is made from recycled tyres and is suitable for indoor or outdoor entrance matting. The creation of Rop-Cord involves taking the nylon from recycled tyres, then tufting it out to make a carpet. The final product is available in 4 colours, in both tile and roll form. The tiles are 30cm x 30cm x

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Rop-Cord is made from recycled tyres and is suitable for indoor or outdoor entrance matting

Blogs & Articles

  • The Resurgence in Rubber Flooring

    Rubber products are on the upswing because of their ‘green’ credentials and long term value.  Below is an article that explains the recent rise in popularity of products such as Roppe rubber flooring: As we know by now, rubber is an extremely resilient material, it is a popular flooring choice for high-traffic areas. Rubber tiles

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  • ROPPE Envire rubber tile and sheet now tested to Australian standards.

    Critical radiance flux testing, (via Roppe’s help), was completed on 05.08.20 by SGS Laboratories, USA. It was completed 12 weeks ahead of what the Australian AWTA offered and Envire CRF results immediately made available. The Envire product is now certified to Australian standards to allow the SBR rubber Envire sheet and tile flooring to be specified

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  • Tartan Carpets now added to iRubber’s range

    Demand for products arise out of customer needs whilst using our products. Because we offer a full range of rubber products and a myriad of colours, clients also wanted a softer carpet as an option to marry in to the colour of rubber supplied. Trouble is, it had to exude quality and be as unique

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  • Coronavirus and LVT supply

    At the moment, Roppe produce LFVT (luxury vinyl tile) in the United States of America- so supply is not a problem. It will be a problem if specifiers are sourcing LVT from China- so be aware of that please. Here is the latest article on “Coronavirus hits the floorcovering industry, China production takes economic hit.”

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  • Breaking News from APAC Insider!

    iRubber Pty Ltd has been crowned: Best Rubber Flooring Specialists 2017 – Melbourne I am sure you will remember shortlisting for the Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 hosted by APAC Insider Magazine.   The results are in, and I am delighted to inform you that you have been successful,congratulations! iRubber Pty Ltd has been crowned: Best Rubber Flooring Specialists 2017 – Melbourne

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  • Flatness #1 Problem

    The Importance of Flatness Reasons for gaps and peaks in floor finishes Sometimes the final “look” of a flooring is not as it appears in the promotional literature and advertising. Why? Here we have to realise that the flooring is perfectly laid in the imagery on a “perfectly” flat  and smooth surface. It shows an

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  • iRubber receives 2020 Australian Trusted Trader Award

    Proud to say that my company iRubber Pty Ltd became a recipient of the 2020 Australian Trusted Trader Award!

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  • Environmental Product Declaration

    Rubber flooring tiles- The Full Low Down Covering almost all US based ranges distributed by iRubber, the catalogue below refers to rubber tile products produced by Roppe. The article has been well researched and should act as salient reference material for those seeking knowledge about the rubber tile industry in general and it’s environmental benefits

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  • Questioning rubber flooring: 5 you need answered before specifying

    A brief account on things you may choose to be wary of when choosing rubber flooring. Please click on this link to read more on –  5 things you need to know and understand  about rubber flooring .

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  • Sustainability

    The Right Decision-Rubber Flooring View the study done by architect Suzanne Barnes in the US -but please note this was in 2008 so almost 14 years on -prices are much high yet remain relative to each other!It is assumed that vinyl and lino are being thrown in landfill in Australia and we can’t find any evidence of

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  • Sustainability – Product Stewardship

    iRubber – Offering Sustainable, Green Rubber Flooring with Our Product Stewardship! As an Australia company, we have decided to offer voluntary stewardship on our range of rubber products. That means we will take back the rubber at the end of its life and recycle it. Most of our high end products have a 10 year

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