Rop-Cord is made from recycled tyres and is suitable for indoor or outdoor entrance matting.

The creation of Rop-Cord involves taking the nylon from recycled tyres, then tufting it out to make a carpet. The final product is available in 4 colours, in both tile and roll form. The tiles are 30cm x 30cm x 9mm, while the rolls are 30cm wide and 9.14m long.

Rop-Cord has been installed in Australia in the following locations:

  • Edge Tavern, Geelong   
  • Metro Hotel, Pitt Street, Sydney
  • MoVida Restaurant, Bourke St, Melbourne
  • MoVida Restaurant, Sydney
  • Kilsyth Animal Shelter, Melbourne
  • Williamstown Library
  • Nash Hotel, Melbourne

While Rop-Cord is made by Roppe in the US, iRubber can send stock anywhere in Australia within one week.

At the Edge Tavern in Earthtone, the bar is on the beach front in Geelong, so they often have patrons entering with sandy shoes. The installed Rop-Cord helps to trap the dirt and sand before the patrons get inside, making the main flooring area easier to clean.

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