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The Company and its History

Remp Srl was established in 1986 after the detachment of various companies of Everest group. Since the beginning it was characterised by high productivity levels, the state-of-art search and reliability of materials, becoming in short time leader in Rubber production.

Remp’s Mission is to be a worldwide leader in rubber production inside the construction and cars industry, standing out for high quality level of the product and assistance offered. Remp trademark has references all over the world, with customers in Europe, North and South America, Middle and Far East.

EUROPE: Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal,, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Island, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania.
MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA: Israel, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan
EASTERN COUNTRIES: Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Russia
FAR EAST: Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan
AUSTRALASIA: projects underway for 2016 – and entered on completion

Rubber flooring has the following characteristics:

Durable. The high level of abrasion resistance of rubber enables use in heavy traffic areas for a long period of time.
Reduces noise. The rubber’s natural elasticity reduces noise up to 20 dB.
Free from PVC and halogens.
Non slip floor surface. The rubber guarantees a higher level of slip
resistance than required by international standards.
Fire resistant. Rubber flooring, in addition to adhering to the maximum requirements of international standards, guarantees low opacity and smoke toxicity in case of fire.
Antistatic. The rubber protects users from electric shock.
Cigarette burn resistant. No trace is left on the floor surface.

Quality Rubber Flooring from Italy!

Remp Rubber Flooring and Natural Rubber

Cost effectiveness and product quality are critical commercial ingredients, but in the new design environment they are not enough. Our priorities as consumers, specifiers and manufacturers are changing.

Natural rubber is a wholly renewable raw material, and mature rubber trees are exceptionally efficient at carbon sequestration – the absorption of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. Rubber is also easy to recycle, not just once but several times, with many potential applications. It has inherently low toxicity, particularly compared to PVC based flooring. 

All these factors, combined with a long service life, contribute to an environmental life cycle performance that is worlds away from existing resilient floorcoverings.

Remp rubber flooring is suitable for a large variety of installations: in schools, in hospitals, in airports and railway stations, and in residential environments.

It is tough, anti-slip and burn resistant, but feels soft and warm underfoot. It has excellent noise absorption properties, yet is dust free, hygienic and easy to maintain. Please note that with 10% natural rubber content, Remp rubber is an organic material that may contain some small variations in appearance and uniformity compared to its synthetic counterpart.

This is a natural result of the manufacturing process, and part of the product’s unique appeal.

All manufacturers now place great emphasis on their environmental performance. Yet, despite a burgeoning mass of data, it is enormously difficult to make valid comparisons between different materials. Replacing SBR with 10% natural rubber as the core ingredient transforms the product completely without loss of performance.

The fundamental shift is in the generation of harmful CO2 emissions. All manufacturing creates CO2 – that is inevitable. But rubber trees, with a functioning lifespan of up to 30 years, are extraordinarily efficient at extracting CO2 from the atmosphere (this process is know as ‘sequestration’).

This, combined with an energy efficient factory production process, makes the case for Remp (modified with natural rubber) a product that moves with the times.


iRubber will expand REMP’S presence in the Australasian market.

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FAST production time of 2 weeks or less!

Then the choice is yours to add 4-5 weeks for sea freight into Australasian ports or simply air freight within days if time is a limiting condition for project completion.

The range slides within our already vast choice of quality rubber on offer from around the world.

The capacity for large volume runs and rapid turn around presents a solid opportunity with clients with tight deadlines and budgets. 

Colours are limited though as well as limitations in minimum quantities.

A wide range of rubber flooring, in tiles and rolls, in an extensive collection of colours and for any imaginable use such as gym flooring, safety floor, fashion floors, airport flooring, healthcare flooring…

Click here for direct access to the full REMP website.

See more on REMP Stair Systems – Bologna, Italy

Product Catalogue



REMP – Easyway Product Range

The manufacturing process for Easyway interlocking flooring mats does not involve the use or production of dangerous pollutants, as it is based essentially on thermal and mechanical techniques.  REMP Easyway floorings do not contain substances like: PVC, halogens, plasticizers, formaldehyde, asbestos, cadmium, CFC Easyway floors contain no toxic substances, and therefore do not release them.

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Easyway floors contain no toxic substances, when no longer required they are classified as solid urban waste and can be disposed of as normal refuse!


REMP – Iceway Product Range

Rubber flooring with high surface resistance. Suitable for golf clubs, ice rink arenas, body building gyms, weight lifting rooms and changing rooms.

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Rubber flooring with high surface resistance.


REMP – Planway Product Range

The manufacturing of Planway does not use or produce any type of strongly polluting substances as they are essentially based on thermal and mechanical processes. Planway smooth rubber flooring employs the best quality of natural and synthetic rubber with reinforcing mineral charges and colour pigments, chosen from substances which do not cause adverse environmental impact

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Raw materials are natural or synthetic rubber.


REMP – Polway Product Range

An industrial rubber flooring, thickness 20 or 30 mm, made of a homogeneous mixture of natural and synthetic rubber; vulcanising and stabilising minerals and coloured pigments. Suitable for loose-lay installation, with certification Euroclass Bfl-S1 and the certification of the Banco Nazionali di Prova le Armi da Fuoco Portatili e per le munizioni commerciali, 25063 Gardone

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Made of a homogeneous mixture of natural and synthetic rubber; vulcanising and stabilising minerals and coloured pigments.


REMP – Studway Product Range

Studway floor covering employs the best quality of natural and synthetic rubber with reinforcing mineral charges and colour pigments, chosen among substances which do not cause adverse environmental impact during production and the product’s long life.   REMP Studway floorings do not contain substances like: PVC, halogens, formaldehyde, asbestos, cadmium, CFC, plastic monomers. Special qualities are

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Produced in rubber flooring tiles, in a wide range of colours, sizes and qualities to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of designers.

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