After extensive research on modern needs in the office in 2021, Staticworx has added a new colour choice in the Shadow FX ESD carpet line-up. As a result, a fresh new look- inspired by the colours of nature- has bought the outdoors inside. The new range of ESD carpet is simply called “Treez“.

Treez is possibly the best office carpet you could choose in our opinion.

Treez, our latest ShadowFX carpet tile collection, marries timeless style with the simplicity in nature. Tufted, textured loop construction adds dimension, creating a look as natural and stately as the bark on a tree. A Treez-style floor is as appealing and comfortable in an uptown financial services space or high-tech lobby as it is in a workhorse application such as a data center or manufacturing facility.

Can be installed quarter turn or brick.

“Zapping” after walking on non ESD carpet is painful if you touch a metal object, be it a door frame, desk, metal blind, or other conductive materials.

Get rid of the “ouch!” around the office and replace it with “Oh! Its OK- we have Treez!

There are now 16 brand new fresh forest colours to choose from.

Above is a depiction of computer generated imagery of how the Treez ESD carpet looks in an office environment.

Have a “play” with the other colours in this link .