Typical example of Australian Standard approved ESD carpet tile with a lifetime guarantee.http://www.staticworx.com.au

Data centres all set for the latest iRubber anti-static ESD flooring!

After much planning and effort from Staticworx in Waterbury, Vermont USA over 2,700m2 eventually of ShadowFX Vermont Slate ESD carpet was loaded into a 40ft container by the middle of December 2021.

It was being shipped by Hapag-LLoyd but every time it was about to be loaded onto a vessel, it was “rolled”. This means that the ship was delayed or couldn’t be loaded due to inadequate cargo space. This happened 6 times so that finally it made it to a ship in April. Freight world-wide is chaotic with repercussions from Covid-19 and bottlenecks from Asia into US ports as well as other Asia Pacific ports.

As an importer- we can’t do much and at the mercy of logistical nightmares. So much so that many importers are opting for air freight. Expensive we know but at least the product is on time.

Our advice right now is if you want product by December 2022 order right now!