No matter how great a product is “supposed” to be – “the proof” as they say- “is in the pudding!” So we decided to rip out our quality wool carpet and replace it with Roppe LVT Northern Timber Vinyl Planks.

Thrilled with the overall results! At less than $90/m2 for quality US made product, it was a good investment.

Surprisingly, we always found our house rather cold- despite the carpet. It wasn’t until we uplifted it that we could actually see gaps through the floorboard sub-base top the exposed aggregate below. With all the air that could enter and escape- no wonder it was cold. So in line with the instructions, we overlaid the subfloor with 6mm marine grade play which “closed” up any air gaps and provided a smooth clean surface to lay the Roppe LVT and Excelsior adhesive onto. Rather than selecting a thicker “floating” floor in the same material- we chose the thinner option. For longevity we chose a permanent fix. Glad we did!

There are many colours available from the range but we chose the “Limed Gray Oak” to tie in with a neutral decor. Certainly a fresh new look created approving nods from all our family and friends!

So here are some before and after shots that made our house up-to-date , easy to clean and warm!