As a natural progression to covering areas with rubber, most of our suppliers do include rubber sheeting as lining membranes to contain water and other materials.

We recognise the importance of having a material uniquely suited to the Australian environment. Not only climate, but shear distances involved and transportation costs with heavy materials.

A need for a product high in strength and puncture resistance while being light weight is fairly difficult to obtain, but Reef Industries (since 1957) can now supply the material so many of our rural customers ask for.

Not only is there demand for durable rubber flooring (in areas susceptible to floods) but also in many cases when upgrades are happening, we can also include our lining material with their US based flooring purchases from Roppe, Burke Industries (Hyperlon & Endura rubber) or Staticworx rubber flooring. The farmer can save substantial costs in this way and reduce the high expense of water retention ponds or containment ponds.

Simply navigate to Reef Industries Plastics (including Griffolyn) in our products section to discover the abilities of this space age plastic polyolefin sheeting called Permalon X-210.  Work out your sheeting size and request a free quote. Its that simple!